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Model: theo-300
Description CLINICAL STRENGTH REMINERALIZING TOOTHPASTE: Theodent 300 contains the highest available dosage of the active ingredient: Rennou. It increases enamel hardness through rapid, effective enamel remineralization, even after the first application. RELIEVES SENSITIVE TEETH: Theoden..
Ex Tax:106.48€
Model: theo-cla
Description GENTLE & EFFECTIVE REMINERALIZING TOOTHPASTE: Theodent Classic toothpaste harnesses the power of Rennou. This powerful compound can increase enamel hardness through rapid and effective enamel remineralization. RELIEVES SENSITIVE TEETH: By promoting rapid remineralization, thi..
Ex Tax:24.51€
Model: theo-kid
A FLUORIDE ALTERNATIVE: Theodent Kids is a fluoride-free toothpaste that's safe if swallowed, making it great for toddlers and teens alike. Parents no longer have to fear their child will ingest toxic fluoride. STRENGTHENS CHILDREN’S TEETH: The active ingredient, Rennou, increases enamel ha..
Ex Tax:24.51€
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